After 20 years in the metaphorical swanky corner office at VOX, Linda still leads the creative charge into every new account with inspiring passion and ingenuity when most Founders are happy to play the role of agency sage.
Linda runs the show with exceptional creative, strategic and leadership abilities honed as a Creative Director at some of the industry’s most prestigious advertising and marketing agencies, including J.Walter Thompson, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, Grey Advertising, and the Omnicom Group.
Today, Linda spins a powerful house-mix of strategy, ideation and execution that resonates throughout the VOX organization. Whether developing strategies, interacting directly with clients, or creating bold, results-driven concepts, Linda brings a quality of leadership to the drawing board her partners admire, clients value, and competitors can only attempt to emulate.
It is Linda’s creative vision that graces the signs throughout the Greater Walkway Experience and in the Fjord Trail corridor and which have gained so much positive feedback. They perfectly express her belief that good design should above all be functional and serve the greater