His multi-faceted background as an agency guy in London and New York (Leo Burnett and Ted Bates), a VP Marketing for global brands (Seiko and No Limits) and a senior PR executive (Hill & Knowlton) gives Jonathan a unique perspective on the whole spectrum of marketing communications.
Jonathan’s understanding of strategy as the driver of all communications and his role within VOX as the voice of the consumer keeps us grounded in more ways than one, including reminding us constantly of the client’s perspective—since he was one for nearly 20 years.
His background in research as the key component of strategy development affords our clients in-house expertise, including moderating focus groups. This shortens the often lengthy and expensive research process while preserving the validity of results. A resident of the Hudson Valley, Jonathon…has a record of involvement in community affairs, serving on many volunteer boards, all of which are concerned with improving the quality of life of residents and visitors.
He has led VOX’s many projects in the Hudson Valley, including the Greater Walkway Experience, the Fjord Trail, signage projects in Piermont and Beacon and cultural tourism in Rockland County.
As a Geographer, he is an avid outdoorsman and has hiked and paddled the Hudson Valley for 25 years, including several trips between Troy and New York, both ways, by kayak.