Don presently fills many roles for VOX. From CFO to Account Manager, from Event Marketing Director to Head Proofreader, Don is the consummate team player.
Initially on the marketing side of the communications business, Don graduated from Dartmouth and spent 15 years on Madison Avenue at “Top 20” advertising agencies. Escaping to Stamford, CT, Don began his own communications agency where he created and developed integrated marketing programs including the highly successful Seiko Youth Challenge for Seiko Watches. Endorsed by the National Science Teachers Association and winner of both US and international environmental awards, the Youth Challenge awarded over $500k in college scholarships and other prizes over its five-year history. Don’s experience also included working on the strategic development and plans implementation for the Downtown Special Services Division of Stamford, CT, a program designed to revitalize the city’s downtown areas—shopping, dining and entertainment.
Don also spent over 30 years involved in Stamford’s youth sports programs as a coach and a board member, playing an integral role in the restoration of several youth sports facilities.
Don’s financial expertise coupled with his exceptional ability to bring projects in on-time and on-budget insures the seamless execution of the plans developed by VOX for each of its clients in the most cost-effective manner possible.